Photographer, educator, Print Competition Judge


Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX based Luke and David Edmonson not only bring to their photography an innovative and classy style, more importantly, they offer two master level photographer’s craft, skill set and expertise. The Edmonson's are recognized as leaders in the fields of Commerical, Wedding & Portrait Photography.

Luke and David are passionate followers of the principle that Iron sharpens Iron and it manifests itself in their continuous participation in print competitions at home and around the globe. Firm believers that competition is about more than winning awards and accolades; it’s about pushing yourself in a never ending pursuit of growth. Never the less, the honors and accolades have followed acknowledging them both as Master Photographers by multiple organizations.


“Hands down participating in the WPPI 16x20 Annual competition has provided the largest and most beneficial learning experience for me as a photographer. From our first foray into entering and later moving into judging, I’m consistently amazed by the depth of talent and innovation from our members. The refinements I’ve learned along the way have permeated into our everyday work and the inspiration I receive pushes me to keep growing. The best part is our WPPI family and the relationships we’ve made along the way!”
— Luke Edmonson


In the WPPI Honors of Excellence program, Luke holds the title of Master of WPPI while also serving as a judge in the Annual 16x20 and 8x10 Print Competitions. He has also been bestowed the Master of Photography (M.Photog), Photographic Craftsman (Cr.Photog.) & Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) degrees from PPA. In 2014, he was awarded the International Photographer of the Year by the AIPP in the APPA competition and was named Diamond Photographer of the Year by PPA.

With their exceptional gift for photography, and being respected as artists by their peers and clients, they feel a great responsibility to give back to others.

Mentoring “the next generation” by serving as Judges and Educators Luke & David have established themselves as sought after professional speakers while guiding their local photography community. Luke is the 2014-2015 President of the Dallas Professional Photographers Association.

Their heart for others is best expressed by their deep involvement in Thirst Relief International. By providing a long term drinking water solution to those in need they are making a distinct difference in the global community. From conducting shoots in Africa to raise awareness, leading annual Benefit Shoots in Las Vegas and their participation in Mentor Auctions, they give their time and resources to something greater than themselves.

Luke Edmonson - M.Photog,, Cr., CPP

Luke Edmonson - M.Photog,, Cr., CPP